Sonoma West Medical Center

Palm Drive Hospital has been reorganized as Sonoma West Medical Center (SWMC), a 501 c3 non-profit corporation. Palm Drive Health Care District has entered into a Management Services Agreement with Sonoma West Medical Center, Inc. to operate the hospital. SWMC is managed by a governing body that includes all five PDHCD board members, as well as five SWMC board members, two physicians, and an at-large member selected by the other twelve directors. Meetings of the SWMC governing body are open to the public.

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In addition to the five PDHCD board members, the SWMC governing body includes:

  • John Balletto, Founder, CEO, Balletto Vineyards
  • Craig Campbell, MD, Orthopedic Surgeon
  • Paul Caracciolo, CIO, CTO, Stanford Hospital
  • Nancy Davidson, MD (peer-selected)
  • Roger Delgado, MD (peer-selected)
  • Mary Ely, CPA, Treasurer
  • John Moise, at-large member
  • Chris Thompson, CEO, Weeks Well Drilling

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