The Palm Drive Health Care District (PDHCD) believes that good health is more than the absence of illness or disease. Rather, it is a state of well-being that encompasses body, mind, and community. That’s why PDHCD supports a variety of initiatives to address all aspects of individual and community health, including illness prevention programs, healthy lifestyle choices, and improved social connection. All of these are essential to achieving favorable health outcomes for all who make West Sonoma County their home.
PDHCD is working hard to be a primary resource for community health, wellness, and prevention through our sponsorships, program support and, ultimately, spearheading local health initiatives. Check this page frequently for information about upcoming programs and initiatives aimed at keeping West Sonoma County healthy and thriving.

PDHCD Partners

Palm Drive Health Care District partners with a variety of community-based organizations to serve the health and wellness needs of West Sonoma County. The District currently supports the following organizations:




The following links are to the agreements between PDHCD and its partner organizations

West County Community Health, Contract 1: Russian River Resources and Advocates Operations Support

West County Community Health, Contract 2: Health Promoters on the River

West County Community Health, Contract 3: Wound Care

West County Community Health, Contract 4: After Hours Medical and Dental Care

The District constantly reviews the health needs of the West Sonoma County community and periodically determines how best to allocate its resources to meet those needs.

2015/16 Ad-Hoc Budget Rationale

Exploring Community Health Service Opportunities for West County – 2014


 Community Listening Session Results

Sonoma County Community Health Needs Assessment 2013

2014 RFPs

July 2014 PDHCD Request for Proposals

July 2014 Request for Proposals for the Development and Operations of an Acute Care Hospital with Emergency Department

April 2014 – A Call for Proposals for Palm Drive Health Care Facility

2014 RFP Responses


Palm Drive Health Care Foundation 

Physicians United 

St Joseph Health